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The Keystone Community Development Association

Bellefonte view

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be stewards and advocates for Bellefonte’s historic and architectural heritage while promoting a vibrant, economically viable downtown.

Vision Statement

Downtown Bellefonte is full of history and character. It is the county seat of Centre County and home to seven governors. We are located minutes away from Penn State, Interstates 99 and 80. We have beautiful architecture and landscapes; in addition Bellefonte has one of the world’s renowned trout fishing streams. Spring Creek wanders along in our waterfront area where it meets with Logan Branch Stream another first class trout steam. Together they travel together through our boundaries making for a picturesque setting; which inspires both artists and businesses to capture the beauty and culture.

Bellefonte is a community full of character with something for everyone from the historical preservationist to the outdoor enthusiast, cultural devotee, shopping fanatic or culinary connoisseur. Its rich heritage as an arts, historical, and recreational destination helps current and new businesses thrive. A vibrant downtown is one that embraces community assets and is symbolic of good economic health and a high quality of life. This vitality is strengthened by the coordinated efforts of; business-friendly organizations, established business owners, community volunteers, progressive political leadership and responsible property owners.

Bellefonte has an inviting downtown atmosphere with attention to historical preservation, restoration, and continuous upkeep with a focus on maintaining a friendly, small town feel. We do this by capitalizing on our architectural, historical, entrepreneurial, cultural, recreational, and technological assets. In addition, a true commitment, for continuous improvement enhances Bellefonte’s development. An effective parking management plan, with proper signage, attractive landscaping, inviting visual displays, and walkability to enhance a visitor’s experience to downtown.

You will find Bellefonte, to be as expressed in our promotional materials, to have unique characteristics and hometown charm. There is wonderful shopping, cultural, arts and culinary experiences for those visiting and living in Bellefonte.

There is a spirit of collaboration among business owners, community organizations and local government that has developed in strong private public partnerships making Bellefonte thrive as an all inclusive community where people can take ownership. That has increased the business and the entrepreneurialism in Bellefonte. You will find an eclectic range of businesses catering to a wide variety of residents and visitors, many of which work hand in hand with our local architectural, historic, cultural and recreational resources.

Steering Committee/Board of Directors


  • Rodney Beard (Chair) Downtown Property Owner and Attorney
  • Nick Lingenfelter (Vice Chair) First National Bank
  • Michelle Saylor (Secretary) Assistant Superintendent Bellefonte School District
  • Wendy Fultz: Downtown business owner (Cool Beans)
  • Tami Schuster: HARB member
  • Sally Houser: President of HBI
  • Chuck Kormanski: Chamber President
  • Liz Toukonen: Director of Bellefonte YMCA
  • Kevin Clark: Engineer and Planning Commission
  • Brandy Reiter: (Senator Corman’s Office)
  • Beatrice Jabco: Realtor

Marketing Committee

  • Pam Vaiana (Bellefonte School Board) Chair
  • Wendy Fultz
  • Nancy Noll
  • Mark Dello Stritto Loaded Creative
  • Eric Bruckner Wireless Made Simple
  • Loren Stamm

Economic Development

  • Rod Beard
  • Bill Scilingo
  • Jeff Hockenberry (Chair)
  • Kevin Clark
  • Heather Jabco Sec.
  • Jeremy Davis

Design Committee

  • Tami Schuster
  • Megan Tooker
  • Robert Lingenfelter
  • Jill Seigworth
  • Joyce Mills