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Bellefonte Character and Vision Discussion

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Downtown Bellefonte – Character and Vision at the Centre County Library’s Historical Museum

(Bellefonte, PA) – Please plan to join Derck & Edson at the Centre County Library’s Historical Museum (the old Miles Humes house – 203 N. Allegheny Street) to provide valuable input on the preferences for the character of downtown Bellefonte in the future. The planning team from Derck & Edson will describe the overall planning process and seek input from the community during two self-directed, hands-on activities.

You are invited to drop into between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. We will invite attendees to participate in two (2) activities:

The first is the Character Preference activity which will facilitate measurable input related to 12 essential physical elements of successful downtowns. Participants will be given 14 tickets with which they were able to cast votes for their individual preferences in each category, allowing one vote for each category and two additional bonus votes for areas of particular interest.

The preferences expressed by the community as a whole will be tallied and reported to the borough and may subsequently form part of the foundation for design concepts for continued revitalization efforts in Bellefonte.

The second activity is the blue sky exercise. In this activity, two Sticky Walls™ will be posted to gather additional public input. Participants will be asked to describe their vision for the look and ambiance of downtown as well as the types of businesses they most desire to see in the community.

The information gathered with this exercise will provide further definition to design concepts as well as provide the basis for future land use and development planning.

Our mission at Derck & Edson is to make the outdoors great. Our staff of dedicated professionals, in Lititz and Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, are landscape architects, land planners, and civil engineers who provide a full range of design and technical capabilities to carry projects through the entire design and construction process. Founded in 1940 and celebrating 75 years in 2015, Derck & Edson is organized as a Limited Liability Partnership in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Partners are James A. Wenger, RLA and Stephen B. Sproles, RLA.