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Bellefonte merchandise is here

Tee shirts and photography featuring Bellefonte’s signature attractions and events are now available. Order now!

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Small Town, Big Appeal

Well-preserved Victorian charm. Emerging local food and drink. Historic and artistic significance. Renowned outdoor recreation. Have you been to Bellefonte lately?

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Eat, Drink, and Dine Local

Two things compliment a sensational town best: Great people and great food. Lucky for you, we have both! Experience the authentic Italian cuisine or a café’s baked-with-love pastries.

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Love the Place that You Call Home

A growing community with affordable homes, local organizations, outstanding schools, and great people. There’s only one thing missing… you!

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Shop! Eat! Drink!: Friday in the 'Fonte is Coming!

Spring is here, the town is bustling. And Friday night has never looked better.

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Bringing creative minds together with a “Local Girl Gang.”

Almost 50 women working in creative industries or running their own businesses showed up to network.

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The Cakery bakes a variety of pastries, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and pies.

Through the new downtown storefront, The Cakery will offer cash-and-carry items and pre-order goodies.

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The unstoppable community spirit that permeates nearly every layer of Pizza Mia's existence

The Jennings family has been using their pizzerias as a launching point for local good since the very beginning.

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Aboriginal Art from the Pacific Northwest on Display at BAM

Modern people connecting with their ancestral past is both inspiring and beneficial.

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What the Heck Does 'Bellefonte' Really Mean?!?

The actual name of the place, the literal meaning, to most of us, has been something we've likely given little thought to down the years.

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Bellefonte Art Museum's New 24-Hour-a-Day Window is Open for Business

An art exhibit that never closes, never goes dark, and never turns it's proverbial back on even the loneliest midnight stroller.

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BFT Small Business Spotlight: Wireless Made Simple

This town has lots of yesterdays for sale. But what about people who want to buy a piece of the future?

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BFT Small Business Spotlight: Elite Edge Athletics

Each time you come through their door, you are a focal point of everything that is happening between their walls.

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Love the place where you live!

Remember that this community is, and can remain to be, a vibrant place for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to live.

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Legendary Bonfatto's is Finally Coming Home

Reinventing their restaurant's tried-and-true legacy when they open the doors to Bonfatto's Italian Market and Corner Cafe.

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Where Do We Want Bellefonte to Go?: An Oral History of This Town's Future, Part 1

What future do you envision for your community, for this town, for Bellefonte, Pennsylvania?

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