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Bellefonte merchandise is here

Tee shirts and photography featuring Bellefonte’s signature attractions and events are now available. Order now!

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Eat, Drink, and Dine Local

Two things compliment a sensational town best: Great people and great food. Lucky for you, we have both! Experience the authentic Italian cuisine or a café’s baked-with-love pastries.

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Love the Place that You Call Home

A growing community with affordable homes, local organizations, outstanding schools, and great people. There’s only one thing missing… you!

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'An Imagination Celebration' is BAM's Summer Gift to Us All

It's all about art being created by the people visiting the museum. You walk through that front door and're the artist now.

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The Time is Now: Bonfatto's New Cafe and Market Opening Doors

Take the whole When-in-Rome thing and stroll into a local cafe, right in downtown Bellefonte.

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Big Spring Festival Celebrates Everything Great About Centre County

A day dedicated to celebrating the natural wonder that is this glorious fortune of cold clean water living right beneath our feet.

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Here's Why BAM'S Powerful New Exhibit of Jewish Art is a Must-See

By opening our minds and hearts to their particular experience, we allow our own tales to be written just a tiny bit better.

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Every Day is Record Store Day in a Town Like This

We live in a place with so many chances to flip, flip, flip until you stop dead in your tracks.

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Opening Day of Trout Season Means More Than You Think

This is not about fishing so much as it is about the fading art of tradition.

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Bringing creative minds together with a “Local Girl Gang.”

Almost 50 women working in creative industries or running their own businesses showed up to network.

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The Cakery bakes a variety of pastries, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and pies.

Through the new downtown storefront, The Cakery will offer cash-and-carry items and pre-order goodies.

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What the Heck Does 'Bellefonte' Really Mean?!?

The actual name of the place, the literal meaning, to most of us, has been something we've likely given little thought to down the years.

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Bellefonte Art Museum's New 24-Hour-a-Day Window is Open for Business

An art exhibit that never closes, never goes dark, and never turns it's proverbial back on even the loneliest midnight stroller.

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